Charlene Holsendorff

Years of experience: 25

Expertise: Senior Resume Writer

Liz Brown
Years of experience: 25
Expertise: Life and Career Coach

About SamNova

Sara Dawn

Years of experience: 25

Expertise: Office Management

Our Team

SamNova was founded on the principle that everyone has the right to optimize their God-given skills, abilities and talents throughout their life and career.

We are a firm that cares way more than we should and will go to great lengths to provide some form of value for everyone who contacts us. We operate non-traditionally as we are not focused on only providing a service. We are committed to helping clients experience a transformation, learn and improve skills, build new relationships, knock on new doors, validate their life's purpose and ensure their passions and values align to their career goals.

We love to ask the question, “What do you want to do at this stage of your life and career?” Based on this answer, our work together begins.

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Ed Samuel

Years of experience: 35

Expertise: Executive Professional