SamNova is grateful to share a selection of recommendations by diverse professionals spanning multiple industries and job functions, on behalf of Ed Samuel. The testimonials featured highlight Ed and his team's dedication to unparalleled results on behalf of his clients, his unwavering integrity and his steadfast commitment to make a difference in this world especially by helping other people achieve their dreams and advance their careers — regardless of any obstacle. 

​​2018 Testimonials 

Here is a testimony of a client who hired SamNova at the age of 77 and landed a job within 6 months. John's story is just one of countless examples of those over 50, 60 and yes 70 that SamNova helped get back to work. The other neat part of these stories is that our clients love what they do and are working because they want to not because they have to.   

​"At a time when I was faced with a significant organizational shake up, Ed stepped in and provided his expertise that resulted in my placement with a new company in less than 90 days. His coaching and advice included enhancing my resume and LinkedIn, important interviewing tactics and other strategies that resulted in quick traction in the job market. Ed….thank you for being huge asset to me in a time of uncertainty! Blessings!"

— Jim Miller, VP Healthcare, Pittsburgh, PA 

"I would like to thank God for guiding me through my career transition. I trust Ed Samuel with my career management.
Ed Samuel was the third career coach that I hired within a 9-month period. And to quote an overused cliché which exists in both Spanish and English “The third time’s the charm.” Ed was able to “finish the job” and complete what his two predecessors were unable to do. Career management, to some extent, is akin to home improvement projects. For example, one could implement one of three strategies to install a light fixture. 1-Do it yourself. Take multiple trips to a big box hardware store. Get 15 different perspectives on installing the fixture and run the risk of burning down your house. 2-Hire an incompetent electrician who will overcharge you and potentially burn down your house. 3-Hire a professional electrician whose reputation precedes him or her knows what s/he is doing and gets the job done properly and safely. The most expensive part of strategies 1 and 2 is the risk of burning your house down.Ed Samuel clearly falls into the third category.

Ed stands head and shoulders above other career coaches for the following three reasons: Ed has been both an internal and external recruiter. Other career coaches lack this experience. Ed uses unconventional strategies that work that no one else ever talks about in job clubs or workshops. After hiring Ed, my transition metrics went through the roof. His system works. Ed Samuel is the Miracle-Gro® of career coaching. However, don’t take my word for it. Read his other recommendations on LinkedIn. Or listen to his podcast where he shares valuable information on his approach.

Finally, I’ve heard that one should budget a certain percentage of a home’s market value for annual repairs and capital improvements. Professionals should budget a certain percentage of the market value of their degrees, credentials, and experience to career maintenance and coaching. Career coaching is something that is not talked about enough in college. Career coaching needs to start in college and continue throughout one’s career. If you still have questions about Ed’s qualifications, please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn and, I would be happy to speak with you in person."

 — David J Gibbens

"Ed is an outstanding career transition coach, role model and mentor. Ed and his team diligently revamped my resume, guided me through an extensive networking process and finally, helped to prepare me for interviews. I am very fortunate to have met Ed and his team and if the need should ever arise, Ed will be my first call." 

— Kyle Travaglini

"Ed brings the full package to those in career transition or thinking of initiating a career change. He brings turnkey tools to help you define a clear direction, choose targets strategically, market yourself to those targets, and ultimately close a deal. He knows what works and is a thought leader in career search and coaching. He has built an organization that supports and multiplies his individual efforts. Most importantly, he offers wise counsel at every point along the way and genuinely cares about you as an individual and your success. I give Ed my highest recommendation and have specifically pointed people I know and care about to him."

— Michael Coulton, Senior Operations Executive

"To call Ed a subject matter expert belies his true value. He is in a class by himself above other so-called experts.
I recently went through a job transition during which I used an outplacement service and met a number of people offering their own brand of career services and advice, little of which proved helpful in the end. Luckily, a friend introduced me to Ed which changed the course of my search. I won’t belabor the details that others have articulated below around Ed’s technical know-how. Suffice it to say he has an unassailable mastery of resume-writing, interview prep, company research and the like. The Sam Nova approach will work for anyone who puts in the necessary effort. Ed truly distinguishes himself not because he has the best toolbox in the business but by how much his interpersonal skills overshadow the technical ones. He genuinely cares about helping people find long term fulfillment. He listens, understands and adapts to each unique person, situation and challenge. The roadmap Ed gives new clients puts them in a position to succeed, his ongoing support turbocharges that success."
— Henrique J. Sousa, Director of Financial Analysis and Controls

"I am fortunate to have met Ed Samuel who guided me through a job transition. When first meeting Ed he made it clear that working with him would not be easy but he guaranteed success if I followed his advice. Ed took the time to not only understand my background and skills but also inquired and learned what motivated me and what was important to me and my family. He suggested I explore opportunities that were totally to foreign to me but checked some of the boxes of my inner interests. He respected the direction I took my search but made me answer why I was going there and ultimately kept me on track. I appreciate what Ed taught me about myself during the time we worked together. I am now proud to consider Ed Samuel among my friends and wish he and his family the continued success and happiness that they deserve. Thanks Ed."

— Pete Peddrick, Regional Human Resources Business Partner at SAC Wireless

"My relationship with Ed goes back almost two years when I started working with him as a client. I could easily see the difference between him and other companies. He is very realistic in his guidance and will go above and beyond to place you. Over the period of time, I had Ed on speed dial and can't thank him enough to make himself available any time I needed him. Ed knows the psyche of an employer and is really good at crafting your gameplan accordingly. If I have to give an NPS score to ED, it will be 10. I highly recommend him as he distinguishes himself from other firms by services which other do not provide."

— Rizwan Khan, Director of Leasing Portfolio & Insurance Strategy at Sprint 

"I had the pleasure of working with Ed during a career transition in 2016-2017. Ed was able to quickly assess my key strengths and major career wins. He helped articulate these better than I could have imagined and helped me update my resume. He also helped me target companies, geographical regions and leveraged his extensive network to make the right contacts. Within 1-2 weeks, I was self sufficient and on my way to conducting my job search. Although I was up and running, Ed was alongside me throughout the process. He was there for me whenever I needed assistance or if I just needed some inspiration and motivation. Ed also helped me connect with key networking groups in my discipline — these were extremely useful and helped me make high quality contacts. Through Ed's expert help, I landed an ideal job in a top management consulting Company, where I am doing what I wanted. Ed is largely responsible for this. He is a true professional, with the right expertise to help people in transition. He executes with excellence as a Career Coach and knows how to help people as a career coach. I would strongly recommend him to people in transition in their jobs or who need help when making a career change. He is 'Simply the Best.'"
— Rajey Singh, Accenture Business and Technology Delivery Executive

"Ed is a great resource for those in need of career coaching and development. He is very personable and always accessible and he has a wealth of knowledge in all job search related matters. From helping to improve networking and job search skills to crafting an outstanding resume, Ed is someone that executives should seek out."
— Gabe Mainardi, CPA & Chief Financial Officer at Hayden Real Estate Investments

"I met Ed less than a year ago based on the recommendation of a friend. I was looking to re-enter the field of engineering that I had left several years ago. This is something few have done and I knew that it would be a challenge. Ed had a plan and I worked to do everything he asked of me. Together with much prayer and hard work I have a job offer and will begin the reentry to my field in mid April. I know that this would not have happened without his help. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to make a change or finds themselves in a transition they did not foresee."
— Judith Miller, PMP, Second Shift Production Supervisor and Engineer

"I was introduced to Ed as an Executive Coach at a time when I had to make a very difficult decision in my career. What I found was that he was so much more than a guide to my next career decision; he was the clarity to my confusion. While I was in the middle of dealing with medical issues, advancing my career, and being faced with two extremely rewarding offers, Ed gave me sound advice, homework and research to conduct, and encouraged me to realize my worth as a value to my profession. Ed reminded me that my talent goes far beyond the Board Room, and the more I see myself as an accomplished leader, the more power I have in influencing decisions. Ed's bank of knowledge and resources is unparalleled. I would recommend him to anyone at the C level or aspiring to reach that ultimate goal."
— Erika Broadwater, Recruiting Operations Manager, OneMain Financial and SVP of Membership, NAAAHR National

"I worked with Ed when I was transitioning from my last position. Ed was great to work with as he provided sound advice as to how to approach my search and what to expect during the process. At the beginning of the process, Ed provided a clear road map of actions to take with insight that he gained over the years. He is also part cheerleader and part therapist through a process that I have not experienced in over 20 years. Ed was very responsive to questions and requests to meet as different opportunities arose always providing great insight. I recommend Ed to anyone who is in transition or thinking of looking for a new opportunity."
— Gary Crowe, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer — Americas at bpost

"First off Ed is 'good people' at his core and just a pleasure to be around. I greatly appreciated the coaching Ed provided particularly his keen eye for updating my profile and structuring my CV to highlight the strongest elements of my work history. I recommend Ed without reservation to anyone looking to further their career development and pursue more meaning in their work!"

— Matthew Grabowsky, Administrator, Departments of Surgery and Anesthesia at Nemours

"I work in a niche area in IT – older technology for which there are less companies using the technology, so positions are harder to find, and companies using said technology are harder to find for the job seeker, esp when there are no postings. Ed provided excellent guidance on how to zero in and find the people and companies that I needed to find. And I wasn’t even a paid client! Even more impressive than the great career advice he provides are the service and leadership that Ed and his family provide to multiple ministries. 'Pay it forward' is a way of life for Ed’s family. Ed is an upright and honest man who serves his clients and others with his brain and his heart. If you’re looking for a career consultant, Ed Samuel gets my highest recommendation."

— Anthony Sulpizio, Sr Applications Developer | Database Developer | Database Administrator | Team Lead | OpenVMS | Oracle Rdb | SQL Server

"Ed is one of those rare leaders who truly personifies authentic 'Servant Leadership!' He is extraordinarily generous, compassionate, responsive, genuine and engaging in all that he says and does. Through Ed's caring, committed, and conscientious leadership, he has recruited and built an amazing team of Career Direct Consultants who are passionate and committed to making a difference in each client's life. As an active member of Ed's dynamic consulting team, I have always felt fully supported, valued and respected. It is with great enthusiasm and admiration that I highly recommend Ed as a leader on any business, educational or community venture, knowing it will thrive through his powerful leadership!"

— Elaine Kempski, Certified Career Direct Consultant, Certified Life Coach, Speaker & Entrepreneur

"Ed was my career coach following an unexpected layoff. I found every bit of his suggestions and direction immediately useful as I navigated the world of a 'job seeker' for the first time in many years. Soon after we started talking, my career search took unexpected turns. Ed didn't miss a beat ​— he helped me navigate the paths as they evolved, modifying our already planned discussions and his deliverables to match my needs. I went from a defensive interviewee to an equal player, as confident as the folks doing the interviewing and often better prepared. I wish I had started working with Ed sooner in my search — I could have saved a lot of time and effort."

— Joseph Marsala, MBA. Director of Operations

"Ed is great to work with and very easy to get along with. He was very helpful in helping me to get organized as a I began my search for my next career opportunity. He is very knowledgeable regarding how to best leverage your existing contacts as well as how to make new contacts as I am fairly new to the SoCal area. I would highly recommend Ed to anyone looking for career guidance and assistance in obtaining the next step in their career path."

— Mike Barattucci, Operations Leader


Even More Testimonials 
Career Coaching »  "Ed has definitely given me the tools to excel to the next level in my career. He is genuine and an expert at propelling anyone to reach what he or she envisions to achieve in their career. I am grateful to have met with Ed and would vouch for him anytime. He truly will help you unlock talents to ultimate give you the best results."
— John Sciullo, Sales Representative at UniFirst Corporation

Career Coaching »  "I highly recommend Ed and his career coaching! As a recent graduate, I was confused as to what more I could do to get my foot into a promising company. Through Ed’s career coaching, I was opened up to new ideas and opportunities, which landed me my first professional job! Ed is a great guy and will sit down with you one on one and work through your resume and experiences. If you are a recent graduate, I highly recommend sitting down with Ed to go over your experiences."
— Mervyn Clarke Jr., Sales Tax Accountant

Marketing Candidate Services, Career Coaching, Resume, and Targeting Job Searches » "I chose to work with Ed after several recommendations about his career skills. He is a true professional! I purchased his Resume Plus and Career Coaching services. Through our virtual and in person meetings he was able to distill my broad career experience into a success focused resume and profile. If your looking to take your career to the next level, please, don't hesitate, contact Ed at SamNova."
— Bradford Blecker, Internet Marketing Manager at TRAC Intermodal

Career Coaching » "I would highly recommend Ed to anyone who is seeking assistance in their career search. The whole process can be daunting and wear you down but Ed knows exactly what to say and reminds you that you are a valuable person. He is also of high moral character (not always easy to find) which I found to be comforting. His experience becomes a valuable resource as you move towards your next opportunity."
— John Procak, MBA

Career Coaching » "Ed knows the career transitions process in and out: resume building, LinkedIn, marketing campaigns and interviewing. Not only is he a real professional, but he truly cares about his clients. His support did not end when our appointments were up, he continued to stay in touch, provide encouragement and even look for suitable job postings. I would recommend Ed to anyone looking for a career coach."
— Tarja Mather, officer manager

Career Coaching » "Ed was a tremendous asset during my job search. He is extremely knowledgeable on how to leverage networking to significantly improve your odds of being hired, which is how I found my last position. I would recommend Ed to anyone during a career transition. He is also a very nice person. Thanks Ed!" (as Transition Consultant at CCI, Inc.) 
— Dan Buckalew, Health & Productivity Manager

Career Coaching »  "Ed walked me through a very challenging mid-life career change. His expert knowledge of job search/HR, his discernment in understanding both who/where I am, and his constant encouragement kept me going! Putting yourself out there can be daunting! It was great to have Ed in my corner, cheering me on, debriefing major contacts and interviews, keeping me on plan. He put in many faithful hours both researching my search and listening to and coaching me. As a person of faith, I was also deeply touched by the many times Ed share that he had prayed for me and my search. The level of passion, energy, and drive that Ed brings to the table is a great value. I highly recommend him." 
— Dr. Chip Roper, Director of Business Transformation

Career Coaching »  "Ed has been very helpful in my career transition. He understands and teaches current networking and job search marketing techniques very well in easily digestible chunks. His help in producing a more effective resume has been very valuable as well. Ed is a very compassionate and supportive coach who is easy to work with and who provides exceptional service." (as Transition Consultant at CCI, Inc.) 
— Jared Hudson, Senior Process Engineer 

Resume Service »  "Ed Samuel did an awesome job with my resume’.  Not only the resume’ on paper, but the time spent gathering my previous experiences by interviewing me to jog my memory.  Nurses have a tendency not to value their work and achievements.  I believe that for most nurses the CARING is a second nature – A GIFT – which we, and others, often take for granted.  When a resume’ expert forces you to look at everything you have accomplished and the lives you have touched, it is truly amazing!!   Thank you, Ed. "
— Donna Troutman, Licensed Practical Nurse 

Career Coaching » "I worked with Ed during a transition period and he created a very comprehensive job search strategy for me that not only paid off for the current circumstances, but have left me a wealth of lessons and changed the way I look at what career path really is. Always personable, energizing and helpful, I highly recommend Ed for those in need of career coaching." (as Career Transition Consultant at CCI, Inc.) 
— Charlie Navarro, Senior Research and Development Engineering Leader 

Career Assessment »  "Thank you Ed for your assessment and the time you spent with Melissa and us.  We found it extremely helpful and are very glad to have had the opportunity! It was such a blessing to sit in and hear you talk and share how God creatively made her and for the clarity of how it all weaves in to her unique calling on her life. We both commented on how much we enjoyed listening to you share with Melissa. Your demeanor has such a comfortable, open, encouraging, kind and honest way of sharing. Many  thanks and we plan to bring our youngest to you as she is a freshman in high school sooner rather than later and bless her in these high school years! God bless."
— Mary and Don Holmes  (Parents of High School senior in PA)

Recruiting and Career Coach » "I have known Ed for some time as he helped me land my first position out of college. I was recently at a crossroads in my career and faced a difficult choice of choosing between two new job opportunities. Both job offers contained their respective pros and cons. Ed provided me career coaching using his experience and expertise. He offered insight to certain items that I would not have been able to see on my own and how they would affect my life and future career choices. The time and professional advice from Ed was invaluable and I would recommend his Career Services and expertise to anyone.”
— H. James, Senior Engineer 

Career Coaching »  "I would highly recommend Ed to anyone who is seeking assistance in their career search. The whole process can be daunting and wear you down but Ed knows exactly what to say and reminds you that you are a valuable person.  He is also of high moral character (not always easy to find) which I found to be comforting.  His experience becomes a valuable resource as you move towards your next opportunity." 
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
— John Procak, Senior Financial Services Operations Manager 

Career Assessment » "Hi Ed, I couldn't thank you enough for how you've helped, directed, and guided my mom and I through this process. I know the process isn't over yet, but I'm excited about how it's gone so far and to come to a conclusion sometime in the future. This program is great and I'm glad my mom decided to choose it. I'll let you know if I need anymore help, thanks again for all you've done...meeting with you was great!!
— A.S., High School Junior with her Mom 

Resume Plus » "Prior to working with Ed at SamNova, Inc, my resume was nothing more than a few bullet points in chronological order. Ed sat down with me and was able to extract a concise, detailed account of the work that I do, years of experience in the field and my capacity for public health/emergency preparedness planning. The resume and profile that resulted from these interviews is really my "story" and is written in such a way that makes prospective employers sit-up and take notice. In this tough economy and even tougher job market, you need the dedicated professionals at SamNova on your side to give you a competitive edge. Hiring SamNova to revise my resume was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I highly recommend this team of professionals." 
— Mary Reid Cushionbury 

Resume Plus »  "Without the assistance provided by SamNova Inc, I am certain I would have never gotten the interview which secured my employment at a one of the worlds leading providers of outdoor apparel and equipment. I knew I had all of the qualifications for the position, but SamNova was instrumental in helping me provide all of my strengths and accomplishments through a very objective and concise resume. I gladly recommend SamNova to anyone looking to secure employment in today's job market."
— Mark J Taylor 

Resume Plus, Recruiting, Marketing Candidate Services » "I have recently had the pleasure of working with Ed Samuel-President at SamNova, Inc., in a high-level targeted job search. Ed took the time to get to know my background and qualifications in order to prepare an in-depth marketing profile that he presented to a targeted list of companies on my behalf. The process is well worth the time and effort and it produces results. 
After working with Ed and highlighting my most recent and relevant accomplishments, he was able to introduce my qualifications to many companies which resulted in my being hired as SVP/CFO-Commercial Lending for a $3 billion financial institution in the Mid-Atlantic Region. This was a position that would draw upon the experience I gained over 22 years in financial services, pricing, business development and finance. 
I would highly recommend Ed Samuel as he WILL find a good fit for anyone's background. He provides a well thought out plan for each individual and discloses all parameters of the services he and his team provides in advance of preparing a marketing strategy. Ed should feel free to ask potential clients to call me for a reference. I look forward to working with Ed in the future."
Top Qualities: Great Results , Personable, High Integrity
— Rick Theil, SVP/CFO Commercial Lending 

Recruiting, Career Coach for College Graduate and Marketing Candidate Services » "We wanted to take a moment to express our deepest thanks to SamNova, Inc. and you personally for the recent assistance you provided to our daughter not only to find employment with a strong, reputable organization but also for all the career coaching and contacts you made for her. The experience you provided to our daughter is something that will go well beyond the immediate success of finding a position in the field of her choosing and will provide her benefits for many years to come. As we initially were introduced to the opportunity to work with you through SamNova, Inc. we were excited about the services you offer but were just not sure we were willing to make the investment or if it would be worth the cost. I can assure you and others that it was well worth the cost. We now definitely consider it an investment in our daughter's future. As parents we were willing to invest in our children's college education but what good is that if they are not able to secure meaningful careers after graduation? Therefore, we saw this additional cost as an extension of her four year degree. Since our daughter graduated with a broader major and she was uncertain in how to apply her degree, your coaching was invaluable to help her narrow her fields of search. She also received many compliments on her resume and how she presented her experiences from the leadership in the organizations in which she interviewed. These were all enhanced through the assistance you provided. In addition to the initial preparation for job interviews, you taught her how to connect with others in her field and set up meetings with experienced leaders to develop connections that may be beneficial several years into the future.  Beyond the tangible benefits I have noted above, you also provided several intangible benefits that were greatly appreciated by us as parents. First, we knew you were a person of high integrity and had the best interest of our daughter at heart. Secondly, you were an objective third party with professional skills who was able to advise our daughter in ways that are often not appreciated coming from a parent. Additionally, you coached and guided her every step of the way through interviews and the offer process, providing professional advice that we as parents did not have outside our own personal experiences. When you package all the benefits you provided in such a short period of time, we can confidently state the return was well worth the investment of funds and a return that will continue to be rewarding for years into the future. Thanks again for all you and SamNova, Inc. did for our daughter and us as parents!"
— Angela and Brian 

Candidate Bill of Rights »  "Thanks so much for all the information about your company and the great job-hunting tips (found in the Candidate Bill of Rights). I will be using this booklet for sure!
— Jane Armus, Counselor  

Recruiting »   "The position at the company I applied for used Ed's recruiting service. Ed went above and beyond the call of duty on both a professional level as well as a personal level in preparing me for the interview and the job. He helped me through all stages of the interview process, as well as continuing to help me through the first several months of my entry level position.  I would recommend Ed to anyone trying to find a job; for his hard work, dedication to you, and for continual personal and professional support. I wouldn't have gotten the position without Ed's help."
— T. Polk, Engineer 

Career Coaching and Marketing Candidate Services »  "Ed was a great help in landing a career position. He listened to my passions, abilities, and desires for a career. Ed invested a good deal of time with me in each step of the process. Through my work with Ed, I have not only found an interesting and rewarding job, but have also learned valuable skills for interviewing, job searches, and general phone/communication skills that will help me for a long time going forward. I'm so glad to have gotten to work with Ed and can say with confidence that he is a valuable asset to anyone searching for the right job/career! 
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert
— Liz Sparks, Food and Hospitality 

Recruiting » "I have worked with more than my share of professional recruiters and most have been professional and competent. That having being said, Ed stands out among them in my mind. He worked hard for the client to find them the best possible candidate. Once Ed identified me as that candidate, he worked harder than any recruiter I have ever worked with for me, the candidate. I will be recommending Ed to both companies in need of candidates and candidates seeking their next opportunity. I rate Ed and SamNova AAA+. "
— Chuck Zdrojowy, Supply Chain Professional 

Resume Plus, Recruiting, and Marketing Candidate Services » "Ed's team at SamNova are of the highest caliber of integrity, industry knowledge and professionalism. Their ability to open doors into potential employers is amazing only to be followed by a tenacity to make sure that all 'i's' are dotted and 't's' are crossed in the process. All potential clients are meticulously followed up on until the interview process is completed or the door to that opportunity is closed. I would recommend Ed's team at SamNova to anyone who is looking for a firm that specializes in Marketing Candidate Services[MCS]. If you are considering working with Ed or someone within his firm, please contact me for a personal reference."  
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 
— Ben Irwin, Beverage Professional 

Recruiting for Recent College Graduate and Marketing Candidate Services »  "The professional growth we saw in our son while under Ed’s direction was incredible.  The differences were not limited to his resume (although, that in itself was impressive) it was an overall transformation from college student to professional adult which could be seen in his confidence, professional attitude, organizational skills, and his speaking and writing skills; it really was amazing to watch."
— Aileen & Robert 

Resume Plus » "I'd like to thank you for the very impactful resume and profile you have put together for me. You took my basic, plain, ineffectual resume and created a more relevant document that says who I really am, what I really want to accomplish, and how I can create benefits for my next employer. You took the time to discuss, listen, and understand my history and create a powerful story about my career. Talking with you was very easy and comfortable because your work experiences enabled you to relate to my activities. From the very first phone call, you made me feel like I was your primary focus and that my resume mattered to you. Our discussions made me excited about searching for a job where as before, I was too frustrated to even verbalize my strengths and accomplishments. Contacting you has already proven to be one of the best networking contacts I have ever made." 
— Jan A., Controller 

Recruiting  and Marketing Candidate Services »  “Ed is the best! I met him through a college and used him to help me with my networking in the pharmaceutical and consumer products industries. Ed is extremely connected with the decision makers at the senior executive management ranks. He took the time to understand my needs, and then did an all-out assault to help me with my needs. He was relentless in his pursuit to help me, and he would adjust on the fly as situations would develop. He provided honest and daily feedback via telephone conferences and emails. Probably the most important aspect of my relationship with Ed was the honesty and integrity that he operated under. He helped me network with several companies with only the benefit of knowing that he had helped me. Ed made me feel I was his number one priority. I would highly recommend Ed for your recruiting and personal job placement needs.” 
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Expert, High Integrity 
— John Kolar, Supply Chain Professional 

Recruiting » “I worked with Ed for a short time only because he placed me with a company soon after I started working with him. Ed asked the right questions of me and with that information placed me with a company that was perfect for me and I was perfect for the company. There were other companies we talked about, but Ed knew I was not a good match with them and he was right. He knows what a good fit is between a company and a prospective employee.” 
— John P. Smith, Senior Financial Analyst 

Recruiting » “Ed is a recruiting consultant I have worked with, and whose insights and prior corporate work experiences can significantly help both job candidates and clients with recruiting needs. Having worked outside the world of the recruiter gives Ed a better understanding of the client's needs, to their benefit, in my opinion.” 
Top Qualities:  On Time, Creative 
—  Keith Fleury 

Recruiting » “Ed is a dedicated professional who goes the extra step to deliver results. His punctuality, attention to detail and knowledge of financial recruiting are exceptional. I give Ed my highest recommendation.” 
Top Qualities:  Personable, On Time 
— Daniel Miller

Recruiting » “I worked with Ed beginning in 2009 and continuing in 2010. Ed is a leading edge executive recruiter. He is extremely diligent and he worked very hard to present me as a tax accounting candidate. I was really impressed with his efforts to have hiring managers review my qualifications. Ed is very well connected and he made every effort to network with his contacts to identify great opportunities. He is able to thoroughly understand a candidate's technical tax accounting skills that an employer is looking for. Ed is very encouraging and he really worked efficiently as an advocate for both the candidate and a prospective employer. I recommend Ed as an executive recruiter with a high level of integrity and diligence.”
— Alison Dougherty, Tax Manager

Recruiting and Marketing Candidate Services »  “Ed has been a tremendous help in providing key contacts to help me find my next employment opportunity. He is a tireless worker who has important key contacts at many firms throughout the Northeast. I would recommend Ed to any one looking for employment or the next step in their career.”
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value 
— Neil Eisenberg, Finance Professional 

Recruiting » “Ed is a top-notch recruiter. Not only has he worked hard on my behalf, Ed is one of the few recruiters who listens to me and attempts to place me in positions based on not only my strengths, but also my goals and preferences. He doesn't attempt to place me in positions which are not appropriate. And, as an accounting and finance professional, Ed clearly understands the nature of the jobs for which he seeks candidates.  If recruiters are ever required to pass exams or obtain licenses, the requirements for Ed should be waived; he should be 'grandfathered' based on his superior performance.” 
— John Garner, CPA / MST / CVA 

Recruiting » “It has been a great pleasure working with Ed. He assisted me in finding my next career opportunity. Ed has a great deal of integrity and I was impressed by how quickly he was able to provide visibility of my resume to the hiring company. I found him very responsive to my questions and concerns. He is very proactive in his approach and dealings with potential candidates. I respect the fact that Ed has experience working in finance/accounting at varying levels and very likely has worked in or hired people into the types of roles for which he is recruiting. I would definitely recommend Ed’s work to my colleagues and friends looking to work with a recruiter.” 
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Personable 
— Donette McCartney 

Recruiting »  “Ed is an exceptional recruiter. Both my husband and I had the pleasure of working with Ed during our career transitions, he shows true passion about what he does and will always go the extra mile for his clients. Through his discussions with us, it felt as though he was able to truly identify a great fit between the company's needs and our own career goals. He is responsive, provides great feedback, and is always interested in doing the right thing for his clients. I would recommend Ed to anyone who is interested in developing their career and I will continue to utilize him throughout my career.” 
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Personable 
— Janeen Dybas France

Recruiting »  “Ed is an outstanding resource to anyone looking to develop his or her career. He is professionally connected with many reputable companies and individuals. Ed is very knowledgeable, honest and straightforward and his work ethics are second to none. He has been a tremendous asset to me and I unequivocally trust in his judgment.” 
— Charles Maruzzella, Corporate Controller 

Recruiting and Marketing Candidate Services »  “It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr. Ed Samuel to anyone who is in need a professional and very reputable recruiter. Ed does not have an attitude or any preconceived notions about candidates or what candidates for positions should do or should have done in the past. Ed's only concern is matching the right candidate to the right position and organization, whether he gets paid for this efforts or not. Ed is truly an outstanding individual and a real professional who is solely concerned about helping people in need even without personal gain to himself. I will always recommend Ed to everyone that I know and I plan to use Ed for most, if not all, of my recruiting efforts. I have never had a recruiter take such an interest and follow through with me as Ed has from the first day that I was fortunate enough to be put in contact with Ed. As you can tell, I cannot say enough good things about Ed. I whole heartedly recommend that you call Ed and see for yourself. He is a true professional and an even better person.” 
Top Qualities:   Great Results, Expert 
— Rocco Mazza 

Recruiting »  "Ed, is dedicated to helping his clients land the right position with the right company. He goes above and beyond to ensure the relationship is a win-win for both the employer and the employee. If you are serious about finding the perfect fit, look no further, Ed is second to none!!!” 
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Personable, Creative 
— Kelleyton J. Wilson, Sr., CFSA

Recruiting »  “Ed is an excellent head hunter/recruiter who spends a lot of time and effort in understanding the core needs of a potential candidate and developing a strong relationship as opposed to just placing candidates with clients. I would highly recommend Ed to anyone seeking placement services.” 
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Creative 
— Chandan Jaisinghani (August 25, 2009)

Recruiting »  “Ed has the ability to screen candidates and only put qualified individuals for the position in front our organization. He also has a really good understanding of our culture and knows who would and would not be a fit.” 
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Expert 
— Christopher Bugos, Managing Partner, CFP, ChFC, CFS 

Recruiting and Marketing Candidate Services »  “Ed was committed to finding me a job that not only would fit my background, but also would enable me to achieve my career goals. During the process, Ed demonstrated his profound experience and knowledge of the industry. He is very professional, yet pleasant to work with. With Ed's help, I landed a job in less than two weeks.” 
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Expert 
— Bing Wright, Tax Analyst 

Recruiting »  “What first impressed me about Ed was his recognition of how important it is to be responsive and proactive with candidates. Every client that I have referred to Ed has gotten a prompt response and the hiring organization that I referred to Ed has been thrilled with the outcome. He is very committed to win-win-win situations and sees the value of building and maintaining meaningful relationships with people. I highly recommend Ed as an Executive Recruiter to both candidates and hiring managers.” 
— Karen Huller, CPRW, CEO 

Recruiting »  “I have worked with Ed Samuel for at least the last 6 years as he has presented various opportunities to me. He has shown himself to be an innovative recruiter who isn't afraid to "think outside the box". He has extensive connections to the business community and is well respected for the quality of candidates he presents. I look forward to using Ed’s services in the future opportunities that may arise at my firm.” 
Top Qualities:   Great Results, Creative 
— Matt Chancler, Controller and SEC Reporting Manager,  MBA, CPA, CVA  

Recruiting »  “Ed is one of the finest recruiters I have ever worked with. He listens to both clients and candidates needs. He is both effective and knowledgeable in his field and straightforward in all his dealings. His knowledge of market conditions has been a great help to me. I would highly recommend him." 
Top Qualities:  Personable, Expert 
— Stuart Rosenberg, Senior Financial Analyst  

Recruiting and Business Consultant »  "Ed's astute knowledge on human behavior and corporate culture serves as an incredible asset to any hiring manager. His ability to discern a candidate's core strengths/values and a client's needs enables vast efficiencies in time and expenditures. I am always pleased with his assessment of business needs and the integrity of those he associates with. Whether retained on an assignment or not, he has never failed to give me his unbiased opinion and directive. It is a refreshing pleasure to work with this individual whose personal and professional integrity work seamlessly to ensure that every contact is a quality experience. I recommend him consistently to corporations and candidates knowing there is no one he cannot assist." 
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
— Lauren Nowicki, Marketing Director 

Recruiting »  "Ed Samuel is a recruiting professional unlike most in this field. Ed works very hard for both the company and his client. He looks for the best fit of skills and experience in each opportunity. He [will] find creative ways when there is not a clear path. I have known Ed for some time and value his advice and support. I highly recommend Ed. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with."  
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Expert, Creative 
— Dennis Jackson, Sales VP  

Recruiting »  “Ed was very diligent and persistent in his efforts to find me employment. He is a person of high character and values. I consider Ed an excellent recruiter.” 
— Glenn Terlecky, Senior Financial Analyst 

Recruiting »  “Ed is one of the most proactive partners that I have worked with in this field. His collaborative approach is very refreshing and I enjoy dealing with him. Highly recommended.” 
— David LeKites, CFA, Assistant Treasurer

Recruiting »  “Ed found my profile/resume and was able to help me land a position with Hercules. The thing that separates Ed from other recruiters is that Ed follows up with his clients and it's a two way street through the process. Ed gave valuable feedback throughout the process and he is currently working with my son to help his career. I would recommend Ed to anybody looking to advance their career or position within an existing employer.” 
Top Qualities:  Great Results, Personable 
— Don France  

Recruiting »  “Ed is truly an expert in his field. His previous experience as a CFO has given him the edge in finding top caliber talent. His hard work pays off for both the candidate and the company that he is recruiting for. I highly recommend Ed. He is very dependable and always willing to go the extra mile for everything he does.” 
— Alicia Pearce, Exec. Search Consultant  

Recruiting »  “Ed is one of the brightest professionals I ever met. His ability to work strategically and establish sound relationships is outstanding. As a colleague, I considered Ed a mentor and a true role model to mirror my career after. Any organization would find his ability to achieve goals and set clear objectives a tremendous value. Ed's work ethic is not only impeccable and impressive, but it drives other professionals to overachieve as well. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.” 
— Dianne Gittens, Operations Professional