Students & College Graduates

The statistics are startling:

  • 28% of first-year college students will change majors ($8-$12K mistake)
  • Average graduation length: 5.1 years
  • 25% of college students drop out
  • After 7 years of graduation, more than 50% will end up in job and career “not’ aligned with their college major

SamNova has helped hundreds of families overcome these challenges by offering in-person Career Direct Assessment & Consultation to high school students & college freshmen across the nation.

Recent College Graduates

One of the toughest challenges college graduates face is not finding a job within 3-6-9-12 months of graduation. Parents who are not sure what to do can call SamNova and garner support.

Our process begins with a free consultation where we discuss your current state, goals and begin formulating the next best steps forward. We also encourage connecting with Ed Samuel on LinkedIn and sending him your resume prior to the consultation.

Each college graduate will have a customized and tailored Career Coaching and Job Search Services proposal created and sent to the parents and/or college graduate for review and approval. All programs are segmented into three phases.

Career Coaching and Jobs Search Services

We provide every student with the following services:

  • Career Direct Assessment and Consultation (550 questions focused on Personality, Interests, Skills and Values, 34-page report, action plan and up to a two hour consultation)
  • Resume creation or revamp with resume writer and career coach
  • Building, editing and making improvements to LinkedIn Profile
  • How to build and/or enhance your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook 
  • Extensive Interview Preparation
  • Building and grossly expanding formal network
  • Learn how to leverage 100% of your network
  • Presentations and Elevator Pitch 
  • Develop and disciplined Job Search Strategy
  • Learn techniques to circumvent the black hole in a job search
  • Identify and execute targeted job search
  • Personality assessment tied to interview preparation
  • Provide Marketing Candidate Services to targeted firms
  • Learn how to research firms prior to interviewing
  • And much more .... 

Although we can work fast, we are focused on quality first and foremost.

We are known for knocking on doors, a balanced job search, discipline, leveraging 100% of your network, being offensively driven (versus defensive), instilling fearlessness and confidence, building new life-long skills and job search competencies and never taking your foot off the gas until your goals are met. 

High School Students & First-Year College Students

For parents who have students in high school, we are committed to helping them with identifying their career and educational objectives. In addition, for college students finishing their first year who are re-thinking their major, we are also equally ready to help.