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Reader Feedback


"Mr. Samuel shares his roadmap for developing an effective resume; ideas and an overall approach developed over many years as a recruiter, manager, coach, and mentor. This is an easy to follow book that guides the reader through the structure and development of an effective resume. Key points are captured in bold at the end of each chapter. I tended to jump to the highlight points to familiarize myself with them, then move to the start of that chapter and read though the details. This book is well worth the small investment. I can say from personal experience that this approach is a recipe for success! A piece of advice, do not pick and choose ideas from the book thinking that in some areas you know better than the author on this subject. There is a reason for each of the things mentioned here. Follow the recipe."

​​— Richard G Buckingham

"This book is a must read for any person who wants to get to the next level of their career. It's hands-on, practical and very inspiring. I would recommend this book to any person in career transition, who is seeking a different path in their career or is simply looking to brush up on their skills."
Soraya Morgan

"Great book for everyone in the job market. The key is keeping your resume always updated and this book helps you do that with all the new tips for success in the new global economy."
​— Robert Dickie

"Ed does a masterful job of integrating story and practical tips in this resume writing guide. Each step is clearly laid out and every critical area of the resume is covered. Awesome book for anyone looking to revamp their resume!"
​— Calvin D.

"Creating a resume and keeping it up to date is one of the most basic things you can do to optimize your career, but it can also be one of the most difficult things to convince yourself to do proactively. Part of this is associated with not having a clear action plan since there are so many formats and opinions to sort through. This book does a great job of providing an optimal format, breaking things down step by step, and dispelling many of the myths that are touted by the 'experts.' Do yourself a favor by following the advice in this book rather than getting lost in the myriad of opinions that surround this topic. Whether you are just starting out, or if you are a career professional with many years of experience, following the guidance provided in "Optimize your Resume" will help you optimize your career.
​— Charles E. Clark

"If ever you have the opportunity to meet Ed, he is an extremely genuine man that wants to help you help yourself in whatever way he can. Thanks Ed for the tremendous book!"
​— Crail 

"As a career counselor, I relied heavily on the step by step guidance, following the SamNova way to create the very best resume for a top executive. I’m so thankful for Ed’s guidance. He really knows his stuff and has an extensive proven record of helping people optimize their careers. Everyone should own this!"

— Stacy, Opportunity Knox Network

​"Well written with actionable advice. So many books on the market rehash the same old material. This book is different and provides definitive actionable steps you can take to improve your resume and make it stand out from the crowd."

— Bob Bacheler

​"It's clear, concise, coherent and comprehensive – all in a compact format that will show you exactly how to maximize the presentation of your skills and accomplishments to create or re-create your resume so that it is crème de la crème."

​​— M Summers

SamNova is pleased to share with American readers the very first book written by our founder, Ed Samuel, titled, “Optimize Your Resume: DOs and DON’Ts the SamNova Way."

The book is geared towards anyone who is in job transition whether starting as a college graduate to a seasoned working professional. It’s also geared towards those who are working and are thinking about advancing their career inside their firm or organization or seeking to another employer.  

“I hope to touch thousands of careers for the better by showing them a practical, useful and straight-forward approach to writing or improving a resume," Mr. Samuel said.

Additionally, "Optimize Your Resume" can be used as a guide for hiring managers looking to screen ideal candidates to fill vital roles.

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Optimize Your Resume: DOs and DON'T

the SamNova Way