Please answer the following questions:

• Do you feel stuck in your career?

• Need to create, revamp or get critical feedback on your resume?

• Are you unemployed and need some help with your job search? 

​• Applying for countless jobs and not hearing back?  

• Unhappy with your current job, firm or boss?

• Are you under-employed or not sure?

• Have you hit the ceiling at current firm with limited career progression opportunities?

• Are you in life transition and want to explore options?

• Need to relocate and land job at another part of the United States?

• Do you need to build or expand your formal network?

• If employment ended, are you ready to enter job market? 

• Do you need a fresh or new LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profile?

• Do you want validation of your current career direction?

• Are you ready to retire and if so, have you thought about hiring a retirement coach? 

• Do you need help preparing for your next interview?

• Do you want to learn how to circumvent the infamous black hole?

• Are you ready to a launch an offensive job search?

• Do you want to learn how to work with recruiters and what they don't want you to know?

• Need help negotiating a job offer?

• Do you need an Executive Coach in your current job? 

• Want to build a better team and identify your team's collective personality I.D.? 

• Does your son or daughter need help finding an internship?

• Do you want to learn how to start a formal consulting practice?

• Do you want to save up to 40% on college tuition?

• Do you want to augment your income stream with a part-time job?

• Do you want to learn one way to save money that will take less than 30 minutes of your time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, SamNova can help you Optimize YOUR career.

Please review our services and contact Ed Samuel, for a free no obligation consultation via phone, zoom, Skype or in person.  Ed can be reached at: esamuel@samnovainc.com or cell: 484-340-0211

Optimize — Yes or No?