Stacy Knox coaches working professionals and students utilizing the Career Direct Assessment tool to confirm client’s personality strengths, vocational interests, natural and technical skills, work and life values. She guides students through a step-by-step process in college to determine their best career path, develop resumes, learn how to network and interview.  She has also hired, trained and developed cohesive teams in the non-profit sector. Stacy’s career coaching approach utilizes key assessment insights that equip working professionals and students to optimize career satisfaction in the marketplace. 

Stacy is passionate about helping people to find meaningful work and educating students and parents about the implications of student loan debt. She has presented, “How to Choose the Right Major and Avoid College Debt” seminar. She also created a “6 Step College Success Program” designed to ensure students graduate on-time and within their chosen career path. She is a Certified Career Direct Consultant accredited by the International Coach Federation, a Certified Personality I.D. Consultant, and she holds a Masters Degree in Education. 

With 20+ years of experience, she has refined more than 1000 candidate resumes. Expertise includes career guidance for high school and college students and working professionals, leadership, team development, non-profit organizations, assessments, resumes, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, employee retention, and overseeing professional development of adoption professionals. Stacy is known for promoting collaboration, thinking outside the box and solving difficult problems.  



Stacy Knox, Career Coach, Resume Writer and Career Direct Consultant

Stacy Knox