Are you Underemployed or Fullyemployed?


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6/1/19 - Podcast - "Applicant Tracking Systems - Do's and Don'ts" with

special guest, Lynne Williams. Learn about employment application 

systems that audit and screen resumes and steps you can take to get

through this part of the infamous black hole. Lynne is a coach and leader of

Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group.

5/4/19 - Podcast - "Is there a smoke detector for your career?" If you are

working and if suddenly you got tapped on the should and found yourself

unemployed, would you be ready for the job market? Resume, formal

network, social media, interview skills, career choices, tools and much more.

If the answer is no, you need a smoke detector for your career. This program

talks about actions you can take as an insurance policy in case you get that

tap on the shoulder.

4/6/19 - Podcast - "Not being called back after an interview." What should

you do after an interview, the employer or recruiter goes silent. You took

the time to invest in a firm and they then stop all communications with you

wondering, "What next?"  This show spotlights key actions you can take to

help the cause. 

3/2/19 - Podcast - "Behavioral Based Interviewing." Many firms do not

perform a a traditional interview, they enact a method of interviewing

called behavioral or competency based questioning. If not prepared, it

can result in a poor interview experience. This program examines the types

of questions asked and how best to be ready or them. 

2/2/19 - Podcast - "Volunteering and Your Resume."  Why is adding your

volunteer work to your resume so crucial? This program discusses reasons

why and uses real life examples in how it's help candidates in the past. 

​​​​1/19/19 - Podcast - "Are you underemployed? Are you full-employed."

Many times, we work for a firm or a boss and ask the question, "Is this best 

place for me at this point in my life and career?"  This program challenges both

you and the person who is leading you with 6 key questions you need to ask.

​​12/8/18 - Podcast -"Part 3 - Secondary Sources of Income." We conclude  

ourthree-part series on secondary incomes sources. Toni Wagner, of

Frannet, discusses absentee franchise ownership and Andrew Carlino, of

Pillar Real Estate Advisors, explains steps needed to acquire income

generating properties.

11/17/18 - Podcast - "Part 2 - Secondary Sources of Income." Part 2

of a three (3) part series. We discuss additional incomes sources such

as career assessment consulting and networking marketing. Examples

include Pampered Chef, Stream Energy, Nerium, Isagenix and more. 

11/3/18 - Podcast - "Secondary Sources of Income and Why It Matters."

Part 1 of a three (3) part series on the importance of securing another 

income stream in today's "At Will" environment and step through various 

ways a person can obtain part-time income. 

​​10/6/18 - Podcast - "References - The Dos and Don'ts."  Listen for a   

practical set of guidelines in building, maintaining and using references

 in your job search and career. We also field questions from our 9/1/18

program on The World of Internal Recruiters.

9/1/18 - Podcast - "The World of Internal Recruiters."  An inside look at

what you need to about internal recruiters and how they can or cannot

help you cause in a job search. We field follow up questions from

our program's previous show on Building Networks.

8/11/18 - Podcast - "The Importance of Building Formal Networks

for Your Career." We answer follow up questions from listeners on how 

to leverage your personality during interviews. 

7/21/18 - Podcast - "Your Personality and Interviewing." This segment 

features follow up questions from listeners on resumes. 

7/7/2018 - Podcast - "The Biggest Mistakes Made on Resumes."  We 

feature special guest Richard Buckingham, whose career includes 30+

years working as a WL Gore Plant Leader. 

​6/23/2018 - Podcast - "Introduction to Optimizing Your Career."  

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References - Do's and Don'ts
Part 3 - Secondary Income Sources
The World of Internal Recruiters
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Your Personality and Interviewing
Career Readiness
Part 2 - Secondary Income Sources
Volunteering and Your Resume
Not being called back after an interview

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Part 3 - Secondary Income Sources
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