Interview Training

We can help you prepare for interviews, stand out on the crowd and raise the bar in all areas of interviewing. 

What we can do for you: 

Learn the eight (8) major interview MUSTS!

Do you know that what you don’t say is just as much of a factor in getting hired than that what you do say? We can teach you what you must say - no matter what! 

Do you need interview practice?  We can help role play and act as the interviewer. You will be battle hardened after our session(s).

Learn to over prepare for an interview and then be pleasantly surprised.

Learn how to leverage your unique personality during an interview. Take our DISC: Personality I.D. assessment. You will get a 6 page report and 20 minutes to have us review the results with you. We strongly believe your are far better in an interview talking from the heart and our assessment will show you how.

Learn how to prepare for competency based interviewing. 

Learn an amazing tool to use during an interview so that you stand out in the crowd.

Learn what to do when you have an interview and then never hear back. We will show you how to take the bull by the horns to break the log jam in communications. 

Choose from three (3) interviewing training packages; Basic, Core and Advanced. For more information and free consultation, please contact Ed Samuel at: or call 610-274-8214.