Our Goal

As a certified Career Direct Assessment Team Leader, Ed Samuel and his team of 18+ consultants have worked with hundreds of working professionals and high school and college students to perform comprehensive career assessments and consultations. Our assessments include 550 questions with deep analysis of personality, career interests, skills and personal values, 90-120 minutes 1 on 1 consultations, a 34-page detailed report and follow-up action plan and research tools.

Career Direct Assessments and Consultations

Working Professionals

— Unhappy in career
— Do not like their job or firm they work at 
— Not sure what else is out there that could be a fit
— Ready to embark on part two of their life and career
— Unemployed and have a little bit of time to determine the next best path forward.
— Struggling with the question of their life's purpose
— Working, perfectly happy but wants to validate the course they are on for long-term analysis  
— Need a gut check on personality strengths to sharpen interview skills 
— Applicable to all levels and years of experience; hourly role to C-Level executives

High School Students/College Students/post College Graduate

— High school student (sophomore, junior, senior) needing direction on a career focus and subsequent college major
— College student (especially the 28% that change majors in year one) still not sure of their ultimate direction or focus
— Recent college graduate who finds themselves not working in their major or unhappy early in their career

Keep in mind that conducting a consultation with Ed or a member of his team will bring a wealth of industry and career coaching experience to you.  Of the hundreds of assessments and consultations completed to date, we have never had one person (working professional, student or parent) say it was not an invaluable exercise. In many cases, it's been a life-altering experience and for some, simply a validation of their current career focus.

For pricing and additional information including more about our process, fees and team, contact Ed Samuel via esamuel@samnovainc.com or 484-340-0211. 

To learn more about Career Direct, visit: www.careerdirect-ge.org.


Career Assessments & Consultations