Candidate's Bill of Rights

Of the many challenges candidate’s face in entering or re-entering the job market is to easily and quickly understand their “Bill of Rights” as part of looking for their first job, advancing their career or getting back to work. Often recruiting firms will not have an immediate job match today or in the future. In other cases, candidates are not given any direction or support via an outplacement firm.

At SamNova, we try to provide help to everyone in some capacity, especially when finances are also an issue.   

The Candidate’s Bill of Rights consists of a powerful set of guidelines, tips, actions and information to empower you and start the process to optimize your career today, not tomorrow.  We have also included several danger signs and areas of caution inherent to the job market. 

Written by Ed Samuel and published by SamNova, the Candidate's Bill of Rights features 11 key sections of critically informative content for all professionals and job seekers, including:

  • Assessing your Career at Any Age
  • Networking
  • Resume
  • Your Presentation
  • Recruiters
  • Career and Job Search Firms
  • Employer and Jobs
  • Interviewing
  • References
  • Job Offers
  • Never Give Up  — #NGU!

Feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly favorable by both individuals and in large group seminar.

The Candidate’s Bill of Rights may be ordered for less than $20 which covers the cost of printing, shipping and handling for this must-read bound booklet for professionals. Simply click on the PayPal link below to place your order. We ship to your home or business address via USPS Priority Mail within 2-3 days from order receipt.