The IMPORTANCE of a Great Resume & Profile

  • Your introduction using a Profile presentation can determine IF your resume is reviewed at all.
  • Candidates are in competition like never before for a singular job and the quality of a Resume can make the difference between landing an interview or receiving a rejection letter.
  •  When reviewing a Resume, the screener or hiring manager makes a "Yes" or "No" decision in under 7 seconds. Therefore, the first page of your Resume must be spot on.
  •  You need to make an immediate impression of your value.
  • A Resume that worked 5 years ago in a Candidate driven market WILL NOT work today in an EMPLOYER driven market.
  • Your STORY and VALUE in the work place must be told completely with no apologies

 Resume Plus includes:

  • A 60 to 90 minute comprehensive and in-depth interview and analysis of the Candidate's career and accomplishments. 
  • References will be conducted to validate and further expand on accomplishments.
  • Your resume is reformatted to a new standard to highlight you greatest strengths and value added for prospective hiring managers and Employers. 
  • A draft Resume is reviewed and approved by you, the Candidate.
  • Your Resume is also reviewed by up to three people for content flow, readability, grammar and spelling and visual presentation.
  • We will assist you in syncing up social media and business network profiles (such as LinkedIn).
  • The finalized Resume is published in both Word and PDF versions.
  • Identify and jointly create any required technical competency models and supporting files to augment the resume presentation.  
  • A comprehensive Profile will be constructed for you to use as an introduction to prospective hiring mangers.
  • The Profile can also be used as the basis to create or modify your Elevator Pitch. 
    • We work with senior executives, college graduates to those just starting out in the work place.
    • We have a history those who have been unemployed (even for up to a year or more) and turning what seemed like a lost cause into a flurry of interviews and job offers.
    • We have also rewritten Resumes consistently for those who sought help initially from Outsourcing and Outplacement firms.
    • We help Candidates who are permanently employed as well as consultants.
    •  We help Candidates who have very outdated Resumes.
    • We help Candidates who have very outdated Resumes.



      Resume Plus has been highly effective. Here is an example:

      "I'd like to thank you for the very impactful resume and profile you have put together for me. You took my basic, plain, ineffectual resume and created a more relevant document that says who I really am, what I really want to accomplish, and how I can create benefits for my next employer. You took the time to discuss, listen, and understand my history and create a powerful story about my career. Talking with you was very easy and comfortable because your work experiences enabled you to relate to my activities. From the very first phone call, you made me feel like I was your primary focus and that my resume mattered to you. Our discussions made me excited about searching for a job where as before, I was too frustrated to even verbalize my strengths and accomplishments. Contacting you has already proven to be one of the best networking contacts I have ever made and I look forward to working with you further."

- Jan A., Controller for mid-sized Manufacturing firm, worked with SamNova to revamp resume and profile                                                        

Resume Only, Resume Plus, and Touch Up

We offer several resume choices to choose with varying fees for helping candidates with your resume. One is for building or revamping your Resume Only. Our premier service is for Resume Plus as noted above. We also will provide formatting, minor modifications and edits to resumes - Resume Update. More details of these options and fees are available by contacting Ed Samuel at or call us at 610-274-8214.