Philosophy and Introduction with Candidates 

At SamNova, we strive to help everyone who reaches out to us. Our philosophy is quite simply: We Care About Our Candidates. We believe we offer something of value to everyone – from free resume consultations, Career Coaching, helping Candidates expand their networks to an all out targeted job search.  

We always start our process with a discussion in which a solid review of each Candidate's resume takes place. This free consultation and resume review is usually done in about 10-15 minutes over the phone. During this time, we also discuss the Candidate’s employment and career objectives. Once we finish the qualification, we will match up to our existing jobs of which we may have up to 500 or more under contact on any given day. 

The Candidate’s Bill of Rights – Booklet  

Of the many challenges Candidate’s face in entering or re-entering the job market is to easily and quickly understand their “Bill of Rights” as part of looking for their first job or advancing their career. There are many recruiting firms, like our own that may not have an immediate job match for a candidate now or in the future. We have opted to provide you a tool that if followed can greatly aid you in what can be a very tough job market. 

We have put together a document we call the Candidate’s Bill of Rights that consist of a powerful set of Guidelines, Tips, Actions and Information that empowers you as a candidate to be as self sufficient as possible. We also have passed on the several danger signs and areas of caution that you will be faced with that is inherent to the job market. 

This booklet is broken in to the following areas:

1.    Networking

2.    Resume

3.    Your Presentation

4.    Recruiters

5.    Career and Job Search Firms

6.    Employer and Jobs

7.    Interviewing

8.    References

9.    Job Offers

10.  NGU - Never Giving Up


Feedback has been overwhelmingly favorable by both individuals and in large group seminars and presentations. The Candidate’s Bill of Rights can be ordered for under $20 which covers the cost of printing, handling and shipping this document to your home or business address.  Simply click on the PayPal link below to place your order. We ship USPS Priority Mail within 1-2 days from order reciept.
If you need further information, please contact Ed Samuel at or call us
at: 610-274-8214.


Job Matches

SamNova takes great care in matching Candidates to jobs on an on-going basis.  We conduct extensive qualifications to ensure a strong job match.   

Candidates can expect the following when working with us:

  • We never send your resume to Clients without your permission.
  • We work on the trust principal in building long-term relationships with our Candidates. 
  • We review the job description, salary, name of firm, location with you to ensure it’s a strong fit and aligned to your career objectives.
  • Prior to submitting resumes to Clients, we conduct reference checks.
  • Once we submit a Candidate’s information to a Client, we are always more than happy to share with that candidate the profile and background summary we created on his or her behalf. 
  • Once you are submitted to a Client, you will hear back from us per a 'yes' or 'no' answer in moving forward.  
  • We provide candid feedback from our Clients whenever possible.  
  • If we do not have an immediate job match, we may refer you to other Partners who may have openings that you could fill.   


Job Search Services 

We discuss our Job Search Services with all Candidates. Our services are extensive and designed to help everyone in one way, shape or form.

Services include: 

  • Career Coaching
  • Honest resume critique.
  • Continued Candidate matching to newly posted Client jobs.
  • Our Resume Plus service, including a very high-impact Candidate Profile.
  • On-site, face-to-face coaching sessions.
  • Technical Competency Grid creation.
  • Competency-based interview preparation.
  • Web Branding – a contemporary way to market yourself by increasing your visibility.
  • Extensive access to job opportunities beyond those of our Clients.
  • Ways to expand and leverage your Network.
  • Mini and robust Targeted Job Searches over the short- and long-term.
  • Access and personal introductions at Regional Networking Groups.
  • Alignment to a regional consulting firm for those interested. 

We also have a large number of 
Testimonials which validate the quality and intensity of support provided to you as part of the SamNova experience.